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Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for companies and individual clients alike for all kinds of events: Conferences, conventions, meetings, negotiations, speeches, etc.

Several factors such as the kind of event, the number of participants, the setting, the technology available and of course your personal wishes determine which mode of interpreting is best suited to your event.  I am more than happy to advise you!

Other Services

Proofreading, multilingual copywriting, (specialist) international communication.

As a linguistic expert, I am more than happy to take on various tasks related to multilingual communication. Are you in need of individual language services? Feel free to message me with your request. Together we will find the right fit for you.


I can provide a translation of various types of text: Websites, press releases, marketing material, product descriptions, blog articles, etc.

The aim of written translation is not just finding the right words in a different language, it's not just to ensure that your clients understand you, it is to ensure that your clients understand you as you intended.  This means cultural differences also need to be taken into account in terms of text type.  It’s not just about the choice of words, finding the appropriate writing style and correct spelling are also crucial, otherwise readers will quickly begin to doubt the quality of the translation.

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