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I offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for companies and individual clients alike for all kinds of events: Conferences, conventions, meetings, negotiations, speeches, etc.

Several factors such as the kind of event, the number of participants, the setting, the technology available and of course your personal wishes determine which mode of interpreting is best suited to your event.  I am more than happy to advise you!



Simultaneous interpreting involves the interpreter translating the spoken word into the target language in real time in parallel with the speaker. Conference technology such as interpreting booths are required for simultaneous interpreting. 

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In consecutive interpreting, the interpretation in the target language follows the original speech. During the original speech, the interpreter notes what is said using a special technique and provides an interpretation in the target language immediately after.

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  • Townhall meetings

  • Plant tours

  • Audits

  • Works council meetings

  • Panel discussions

  • Lecture events

  • Award ceremonies

  • Sports events

  • Conferences

  • Cultural events

  • and much more

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Public Authorities

& Courts

  • Court hearings

  • Depositions

  • Social Services


  • Marriage registration

  • Marriage ceremony

  • Acknowledgement of paternity

  • Notary appointments

Are you in the right place?

My clients include private companies as well as foundations, trade unions, associations, public authorities and courts or individual clients. These are just some examples of the services I offer to my clients:

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