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Contrary to interpreting, translation involves conveying a written text in the target language.  I can provide you with a translation tailored to your target audience and choice of media to ensure your message is conveyed as intended!

Conference and business documents

Do your agendas, training documents, annual financial statements and management reports need to be translated for your international employees?

I am more than happy to provide professional English-German, Spanish-German or French-German translations and can recommend qualified colleagues who can provide translations for other language combinations.  When translating, I pay close attention to grammar, spelling and writing style as well as to your brief and in-house terminology. 

Marketing, Advertising, PR

Your company operates internationally and you want to reach out to your clients in their native language?

I translate various kinds of marketing, advertising and press material such as flyers, brochures, press releases, product descriptions, etc. I always pay close attention to grammar, spelling and writing style. I also pay particularly close attention to cultural specifics in marketing communication as a message does not always have the same effect in every language!

Websites, Blogs, Social Media

Today, multilingual websites and social media content are a must for almost every company. When translating this kind of content several aspects need to be taken into account.

Alongside focusing on expressing the content correctly in the target language, the translated text needs to take SEO into account so that foreign users can find your website or blog.  This involves conducting key word research for individual languages and regions, for example.  Should you wish to make use of my translation services, I will happily take on this crucial preparatory work as well.  Are your social networking websites multilingual? I am more than happy to translate or proofread posts on a regular basis.

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