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About Me

Are you in need of a professional translation or a qualified interpreter for your event in the Rhine/Ruhr area or online? Then you’ve come to the right place.


I’m Nele Kirstein, a conference interpreter, MA based in Dortmund, Germany. My working languages are German, English, Spanish and French. 

I am passionate about languages and communication and I prioritize quality and professionalism in my work.  


Whatever your event, whether you’re hosting an international conference, a training session, a meeting, a factory tour or a panel discussion, I can provide a consecutive or simultaneous interpretation in various language combinations. Even virtual events can be held in several languages!


Team & Equipment

Are you planning a larger event? I can help you find the right technical equipment for online, hybrid or in-person meetings with interpration and put together an experienced team of Conference Interpreters for all desired languages.


Are you looking to translate your website to reach out to international clients? Are you in need of multilingual brochures, flyers or press releases? I can provide you with a translation tailored to your target audience and choice of media to ensure your message is conveyed as intended!

Virtual Meetings

Are you planning an online event?


Thanks to modern interpreting technology, your next multilingual event can take place digitally.  Together with our technology providers, we will find the right fit for your event. 

Your virtual event can be interpreted into different languages either simultaneously or consecutively using RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) and RCI (Remote Consecutive Interpreting).

The interpreters work from an interpreting hub and listen in to the event live.

You will find further information as well as a checklist for successful video conferences on website of the German Professional Association of Conference Interpreters.


Nele Kirstein    |    +49 (0) 231 15050923

Güntherstr. 42 D, 44143 Dortmund, Germany

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